– Frozen butter is best for making pie dough. Grate it (note courtesy of Ben’s mom)

– Oil makes a moister baked product
– Butter makes a drier baked product

Methods & Troubleshooting
Whisk dry ingredients to blend thoroughly
Stir (a wooden spatula works very well) upon adding wet ingredients. If you are baking non-batter goods – e,g. cinnamon buns, and you carry on whisking, your dough breaks up into little pieces and bakes hard with a crusty, broken texture instead of a fluffy one.

– For a chewy crust, add semolina – use up to and no more than 25% of your total amount of pizza dough (flour) in semolina. Semolina absorbs liquid in its rest period. Too much creates a drier crust that’s hard to chew on.
– For a crispy crust, brush oil along the base of your baking dish and on top of your pizza base. Great for thin crust pizzas.
– For a crisp(ier) cheddar crust, roll our your pizza dough super thin, stretch it, sprinkle grated cheese generously over the surface of the dough, and fold (or put a second layer of) dough over top. Makes great bubbles and a firm, crisp base!

Proofing bread
– For a milkier taste in fermentation, proof at room temperature.
– For a slightly sour taste in fermentation, proof in the fridge.
– As a general rule of thumb, the longer the fermentation process, the greater the sour profile of your breads will taste

– Fats extend shelf life
– Pre-soaked nuts and seeds extend shelf life
– Dairy ingredients extends shelf life

– Sugar is a wet ingredient (note courtesy of Nathan B). You can mix it in with dry ingredients, but it is useful to know that it is a wet ingredient, in recipes such as apple butters since it takes time to boil off the excess liquid (aka you do not need to add extra water to the recipe)

– Proof instant yeast (even though you can mix it directly into dry ingredients) as it creates a higher rise (aka greater ‘poof’ value in breads).
– 1/3 – 3/4 tsp per 2 cups of flour (longer rising time for the former, but helps develop flavor. You don’t want too much yeast, otherwise this will affect flavour)


Grace’s Basic Bread Dough Recipe for 1 loaf:
– 1/4 cup – 2/3 cup warm water (shower temperature)  –> 1/2 – 2/3
– 1/3 – 2/3 tsp yeast –> 1/2 tbsp yeast
– up to 2 cups flour –> 3 cup flour
– 1 scant tsp salt- -> 1/2 tbsp salt
(opt. pinch of sugar for yeast to ‘eat’)

– 1/2 tbsp sweetener –> 3 tbsp sweetener
– 1-3 tbsp flavored oil
– 1/4 cup oil/butter

Knead 5-9 min by hand.

Bake at 375 for 40-45min.

(Heat up a dutch oven, bake loaf covered for 20 min, then continue baking for the remaining time).

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