I first started cooking seriously (baking came later) during my undergrad, thinking “oh this can’t be so hard,” only to make a disaster out of what I thought were the most ‘basic’ things. It took time to learn some basic skills, and then some ‘tricks’ to make not only edible meals, but delicious ones. I hope these tips will make your cooking and baking experiences more enjoyable and a smoother one, as they now do for me.

Please note that once you have some of the basic skills in your back pocket, you should go ahead and adapt, tweak, and create recipes of your own. It’s like playing a guitar. If you have played for a long time, no doubt you will have mastered some of the techniques. The tunes now sound lovelier, more coherent, and your ability to pick up and strum comes more organically. Same with cooking and baking. The creativity could be endless.

Tips for Cooking

Tips for Baking

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