Eggs and Shrimp (& Vegetarian Quinoa Chili – Adapted Recipe for 1.5 qt slow cooker)

This is an old meal from a couple of weeks ago. Shrimp and scrambled egg stir fry is a comfort food and one of my favourite dishes in the world. All it takes are eggs (I used 4 eggs for two people), shrimp, vegetable oil, sesame oil and a little salt to taste. The green […]

Lamb Shank Dinner for Two – or Love in a Pot (aka the Dutch Oven)

We stumbled across these beauties after church one lazy Sunday afternoon, in one of those tired old malls that nobody ever goes to. We fell in love. They were on sale… double sale. I had been looking for a Dutch oven for awhile and then this beauty showed up. We debated on the Dutch oven […]