Apple Walnut Pumpkin Cake Bread

This apple walnut pumpkin cake started off as a bread, but became more of a cake. Actually, I initially woke up wanting to bake banana bread. Then it became banana cream cheese bread. Then it became…. this. It has a cream cheese topping, creating a fluffy top, as opposed to a crustier one. It can […]

Spicy Rice Flatbread (Is it Roti or Chapati?)

Question 1) What’s your favourite type of flatbread? So I came home last night and attempted to make tortillas with the 2/3 cup of cooked rice I had sitting in the rice cooker (aka not enough to make fried rice). It was something of an experiment. Having read about homemade tortillas by Alana Chernila in […]

Sweet Chili Chicken Thin Crust Pizza

This deliciousness was inspired by my dear friend Rebecca (you can check out her thoughtful blog here), who had tried sweet chili Thai sauce with chicken first. As soon as she told me about it, I knew it would be a delightful match for the tastes. This is, quite literally, the easiest from scratch pizza in the […]

Deep Dish Pizza with Summer Sausage and Salami (and a note on pizza dough)

One of the first things we got excited over after getting a cast iron skillet was deep dish pizza. So this is my first attempt at it. It’s laced with tomato sauce, cheese, deli meats, and yes, some vegetables too – spinach and sliced tomato. So first the dough. I’ve read about basic bread doughs […]

Soft and Fluffy Sandwich Bread (Tangzhong – aka Hokkaido Milk Bread)

Soft, fluffy, sweet buns were all a staple of the neighbourhood Chinese and Japanese bakeries that I frequented growing up. From square-cut honey sandwich loaves to savory buns with shredded bbq pork to sweet buns with custard fillings encased in a glazed dome shell, the doughs were all similar in their feather lightness with just a touch […]

Brown Sugar DIY!

Today I learned how to create brown sugar. *cue: *jaw-dropping what??? moment.* Yes folks, brown sugar does not necessarily mean healthier or unrefined. Turns out muscovado sugar is unrefined, whereas turbinado and demerara sugar are examples of partially refined sugar. The brown colour and taste difference we experience actually boils down to the quantity of molasses. […]


This blog is the result of a stroke of inspiration I had in the summer when my boyfriend Ben and I watched a movie about a food blogger (‘Julie and Julia’). In the movie, Julie finds a cookbook about French cooking written for American cooks, launching her into a year of cooking every recipe out of that cookbook.