Sick Again… Another Soup Night (10 minutes)

Ben and I have been taking turns being sick. So tonight is my turn. Being sick means a whole lot less patience in the kitchen. So here it is – 10 minute soup. No joke. 2 Servings: – olive oil – 3 cloves garlic – 1 carrot – 4 baby bok choy – 1/2 chicken […]

Beef Bowl again… Cause it’s so good!!

So Ben requested the beef bowl out of a few suggested meals, and this was the result. It’s just a nice way to get those veggies in ya know? And colours… Who doesn’t love colour? 🙂 I was talking with Ben’s sister and mom today about the name of the blog – ‘Refining Our Tastes,’ […]

The Man Cooks

I wasn’t feeling well the whole day, so I quickly threw together some vegetables in pho sauce (gotta love the pre-made stuff in jars), reheated some rice and threw on some kimchi. I love mushrooms of every kind, but Ben does not. So when he asked me about the enoki, I said “it’s a Japanese […]


This blog is the result of a stroke of inspiration I had in the summer when my boyfriend Ben and I watched a movie about a food blogger (‘Julie and Julia’). In the movie, Julie finds a cookbook about French cooking written for American cooks, launching her into a year of cooking every recipe out of that cookbook.