Sick Again… Another Soup Night (10 minutes)

Ben and I have been taking turns being sick. So tonight is my turn. Being sick means a whole lot less patience in the kitchen. So here it is – 10 minute soup. No joke. 2 Servings: – olive oil – 3 cloves garlic – 1 carrot – 4 baby bok choy – 1/2 chicken […]

Well, hello world. Long time no write. 

Long time no see indeed. Since I last blogged, I have  – moved house – started a new role at work – had a complete overhaul of my schedule  – helped my fiancé move – had my computer die – had something happening every weekend – had a death in the family – got concussed […]

Using Up the Odds and Ends of Chicken Stock – Imitation Tom Kha Gai

What do you do with the dregs of chicken stock? It seemed a waste to toss out the soggy vegetables, used spices, and bits of chicken too small to use on its own. This stuff was drenched in minerals and flavour, easily absorbed by the body. So instead, I got rid of the bones, pureed […]