Sick Again… Another Soup Night (10 minutes)

Ben and I have been taking turns being sick. So tonight is my turn. Being sick means a whole lot less patience in the kitchen. So here it is – 10 minute soup. No joke. 2 Servings: – olive oil – 3 cloves garlic – 1 carrot – 4 baby bok choy – 1/2 chicken […]

Pantry Cooking – Chicken Alfredo Casserole & Couscous with… (edible) weeds

Much as I couldn’t stand the smell of chemicals, there are times when strong chemicals seem to fit the bill. This was one of them. I bleached the floor where the old freezer was (it smelled of dead things and mold. Actually, there were dead things and mold. I won’t tell you what the live things were), scrubbed the shower stall, and inserted a new, stinky, bad-for-you PVC shower curtain.

Anyway, I digress.

The last while I had been cooking my way through the freezer and pantry at the old apartment. The week before leaving the old apartment, I cooked up the couscous dish you see above, along with lamb Ben brought back from the market, with steamed potatoes. The potatoes were on the over-steamed side. Oh well. I didn’t have any vegetables left and was really craving vegetables. So, inspired by the Netflix series ‘Chef’s Table,’ where a Scandinavian cook gathered what was available on the land, I gathered a handful of edible weeds. That’s right, edible weeds.

Bulgogi Pulled Pork Flatbread Sandwich

These bulgogi pulled pork sandwiches make great lunches – easy to wrap and assembled in 15 minutes. They contain very few ingredients and made use of scraps from previous meals. Although no extra seasoning was added beyond flavouring the pork, they weren’t overly ‘dry’ sandwiches. Here’s how: Ingredients: (Serves 2 – 1 per person, or 2 […]

Sweet Chili Chicken Thin Crust Pizza

This deliciousness was inspired by my dear friend Rebecca (you can check out her thoughtful blog here), who had tried sweet chili Thai sauce with chicken first. As soon as she told me about it, I knew it would be a delightful match for the tastes. This is, quite literally, the easiest from scratch pizza in the […]