Photo Courtesy of Lidya Denisa Petean

This page has taken the longest to write, and with good reason. I believe that everyone has a unique relationship with food, and it is true that food is more than simple nourishment. It shapes us, evokes memories, and exhilarates us by marking changes in our lives, while also capable of maintaining a steady presence. If I were to go into every food encounter that has marked such an event, it would take the length of a book. Instead, I will simply say this:

This blog started as a way to record ideas and thoughts. I do not eat or cook healthily all the time, nor are most meals fancy (fancy is my talented sister’s department). But I try to, and this is a record of these experiments and motivations.

Other than that, I am an incurable romantic, an artist, a reader, and a teller of bad jokes. 

Oh, and my fiancé says I’m fun.