Well, hello world. Long time no write. 

Long time no see indeed. Since I last blogged, I have 

– moved house

– started a new role at work

– had a complete overhaul of my schedule 

– helped my fiancé move

– had my computer die

– had something happening every weekend

– had a death in the family

– got concussed

Among other things. The truth is, in that time I lost not only energy and the desire to write, but the motivation to cook. Forget passion, I had no desire to cook period. I was beyond exhausted and hitting my stretching point. In fact, this post had taken more time to write as one of my concussion symptoms is cognitive fatigue, which comes and goes whenever it gosh darn pleases. I’m not supposed to be on screens, but I’ve had such cabin fever I could scream (figuratively; I don’t scream, but I can screech and moan with head pain on bad nights). 

It hasn’t all been bad. There have been some very happy things that have happened such as:

– one of my besties got married and she is beautiful

– Ben and I had our engagement pictures taken and our photographer is a real gem. Check her out 

Courtesy of Lidya Denisa Petean 

I tried going back to work last week but the cognitive processing was overwhelming and I was shocked by how long it took for me to get work done compared to the speed I went at before. It was a no go, so I’m off again for a while. Knowing I like(d) cooking and blogging, Ben encouraged me to cook again. The motivating factor came when he got sick again (yes, it’s been a battle in the health department for both of us). By that point I was in a better place of rest, and tired of instant noodles, pizza and canned soup. Don’t get me wrong, I still love the stuff… But if that’s all you have it gets pretty gross and health wise, we’d gone out the window. 

So when Ben requested soup, I made soup. From scratch. Well, if you don’t count the chicken bouillon cube, it was from scratch. And yes I know, chicken bouillon cubes are packed with msg… But hey, I needed help in the flavour department so what evs. I was careful to make the rest of it super healthy and super tasty. Ben is not a soup guy as a general rule of thumb, so it was important to me to load him up with immune boosting ammo and deliciousness (one good soup opportunity at a time to win him over to Awesome Soup Camp). 

This is also a quickie. I know I’ve said ‘quickie,’ in the past, but this one really is. Okay fine, the potato made it take longer (about 40 min cook time), but it’s easy. And okay fine, in the spirit of full disclosure, chopping up the vegetables took about 15 min because I cut them up really, really small to ensure they either got eaten, or we got maximum nutrient displacement in the broth in a short amount of cooking time (do not quote me on this, this is Grace logic, I will not back you up if you are questioned by the science community). 

Ingredients are simple enough.

4 servings 

– olive oil

– 6 garlic cloves (told you I was going for immunity ammo – but it also pays back big in flavour, the self-identified non-soup person said so)

1 shallot

– 1/3 medium yellow onion

– 1 carrot

– 1 bell pepper

– 1 medium yellow potato

– 1 Roma tomato

– 3 – 3.5 cups water 

– 1 & 1/3 chicken boillon cube

– 1/2 small can tomato paste (packed with more nutrients than tomatoes, believe it or not – just make sure to save the other half in a bowl and not the tin as opened tins leach toxins into your food)

– salt & pepper to taste

The instructions are also simple enough. Chop/dice everything real small, and fry up the garlic, onions, and shallot in olive oil before adding vegetables/water. Add water, chicken cube(s) and tomato paste. Bring everything to a boil, cover and simmer for at least half an hour. This may take longer if your potato cubes are larger. Season to taste.

This tasted better the next night. One bowl per person is not enough for dinner, but if you’re sick and tired like we were, it was, and it went down easily. 

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