RD – Research Development -.-!

We were visiting Ben’s family this weekend for a birthday and while we were there we ooh-ed and ahh-ed over the kitchen, which has been under renovations for a few months. It had undergone a complete makeover, and included a new counter-top and back splash, along with gorgeous lighting. Everyone said it looked like a showroom kitchen.

His dad and I got talking.

Him: “Hey, maybe we can get some cameras in here to film Grace’s food talk show.”
Me: “Are you kidding? Maybe we should get (Ben’s mom) to do demos and I’ll blog about it.”
Him: “Can still do recipes.”
Me: “Nah, mine still taste experimental most of the time. Her’s are perfect every time.”
Him: “We used to have a lot of RD meals.”
Me: “RD meals?”
Him: “Experimental meals which were chocked up to ‘Research Development’.”
Me: “Ah. Ben has a lot of RD meals.”


Here is an RD attempt that definitely flopped (hahahah). Wanting soup, and hearing all about the virtues of fish bone broth along with daishi broth, I attempted to combine the two. Maybe it was the fish. I’m not sure. It was a $2 piece of salted flounder. Or maybe it was something else. I don’t think I’ll try anything remotely related to flounder for a while. I like seafood, but the fishiness that hung around the kitchen a full week after has definitely put me off for a very long time.

Anyone with a good daishi/fish broth recipe are most welcome to post below.


RD indeed.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5

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