First Attempt at Rice Paper Spring Rolls


This was my first attempt at creating rice paper spring rolls. They’re clear as they haven’t been baked or deep fried (I simply took rice paper sheets and rehydrated them in a big bowl of hot water for a few seconds before adding filling).

While pretty to look at (imo) and healthy (these were vegan spring rolls), they were on the, shall we say, bland side. No dressing on the inside, no dressing on the outside – other than a squeeze of lime juice and Hoisin & sweet chili Thai sauce for dipping. The Vietnamese restaurants seem to always have a bowl of sweet and sour liquid for dousing these rolls in, making them very palatable and fragrant. Alas, we skipped that step. Perhaps next time, I’ll try that, or add a savoury filling on the inside. Recommendations are welcome!

This was a fun way to eat veggies, and get the colours of the rainbow in. This was also a fun dish for sharing, as we ate with a couple of friends who contributed rice and chicken drumsticks. All in all, a very filling meal for friends.

– As many rice paper sheets as you think you’ll need
– Red cabbage, sliced
– Carrots, cut into sticks
– Cucumber, cut into sticks
– Red bell pepper, cut into strips
– Beansprouts
– Basil leaves
– Lime wedges for squeezing
– Sauces for dipping


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