Midweek Quickie

photo 2-6

Tonight we had thinly sliced potatoes baked at 375F for 25 minutes. Although they weren’t perfectly crispy, I’m hoping they retained more of their nutrients than potato (chips) baked at  400F+. These were smeared with a neutral tasting oil, then sprinkled with rosemary and a small amount of Italian seasoning. Afterwards I tossed a small amount of a spice rub as a finishing touch. It was satisfying as a midweek quickie!

Also, this time the broccoli didn’t come out soggy and overdone. They were blanched in boiling water for a couple of minutes, the water was then drained and a lid placed over top to keep it warm while everything else finished cooking. I then drizzled sesame oil over top, sprinkled sesame seeds and tossed all together.


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