Breakfast Dinner Tonight

We’re having breakfast dinner tonight! All made and washed in 20 minutes flat.

The rice was cooked with a twist – it was steamed in the cooker with the usual amount of water, a splash of vegetable broth, along with vinegar and Worcestershire sauce. I was inspired by the vinegary/stickiness of sushi rice. This is a far cry from it, but I like it. It has an interesting tanginess to it.

The broccoli was tossed in sesame oil and sesame seeds after it too was steamed. I like my veggies cooked, but this was overcooked, as I placed it in a steaming basket in the rice cooker. The cook time was the same as the rice cook time. Does anyone have any suggestions on when to start steaming broccoli? I used one cup of rice.

photo 3-3photo 2-4

Then there’s the bacon, done in the toaster oven, and fried eggs. Voila! Almost as quick as breakfast 🙂


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