Beef Bowl again… Cause it’s so good!!


So Ben requested the beef bowl out of a few suggested meals, and this was the result. It’s just a nice way to get those veggies in ya know? And colours… Who doesn’t love colour? 🙂

I was talking with Ben’s sister and mom today about the name of the blog – ‘Refining Our Tastes,’ how Ben had named it, in our attempt to eat healthier. More often than not we end up having pizza or ramen noodles (jazzed up with leftovers, frozen vegetables, of an egg on my part), or sandwiches for him, canned soup for me. What?? They taste good.

So I figured they weren’t worth blogging about. Like the mistakes and *ahem* junky meals. Sometimes we repeat meals too. Actually, that’s a good thing since it means we’ve hit on a winner that we both like, is easy, and filling (and okay, if it’s healthy and contains vegetables, then there are bonus points).

That’s when Kate suggested blogging about all the junky meals, mistakes, repeats etc. “It’ll be funny!” she said. And well, since this blog is for fun anyway (I took a five month hiatus between last year and this year), then hey, why not. 🙂

New posts may include a lot more burned eggs and stuff stuck to the bottom of the pot.

You have been warned.


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