Eggs and Shrimp (& Vegetarian Quinoa Chili – Adapted Recipe for 1.5 qt slow cooker)


This is an old meal from a couple of weeks ago. Shrimp and scrambled egg stir fry is a comfort food and one of my favourite dishes in the world. All it takes are eggs (I used 4 eggs for two people), shrimp, vegetable oil, sesame oil and a little salt to taste. The green stuff you see is optional – I added it (spring onions) as I was concerned about our lack of vegetables during that time. Any way to sneak in some veggies is a good idea.

So basically what you do is cook the shrimp (take care it doesn’t get overcooked or it’ll become rubbery), remove from heat, heat up a 1/4 cup oil (make sure to use a fairly neutral oil – I’m not a big fan of canola oil because of the bad rap it gets, but for a dish like this, you definitely want to steer clear from strong flavours like olive), then pour in your stirred eggs. Make sure to add sesame oil for flavour at this stage. I know it’s a lot of oil, but it’s necessary to get that fluffy texture. If you’re concerned about the oil content, start with a little less, and use some water instead. Once the eggs are in, you can flip it around with a spatula, making sure the eggs stay soft and add the shrimp, and spring onions, if desired.

Meanwhile, dinner plans for the week! Or until we run out of food next.

Tonight I made a vegetarian chilli. It was an interesting take, tasting less like chilli than what I’m used to. It was a quinoa chilli with lime juice. Not bad tasting, just different. I’m not sure if I would make it again simply because I see chilli (or the chilli flavour) as a comfort food which a certain taste associated with it. Anyway, Ben doesn’t like beans, so since I was just cooking for myself tonight, this fit the bill in the slow cooker. I adapted this recipe for a 1.5 q slow cooker, using 1 large can of mixed beans, 2 cups vegetable broth, 1/4 large can crushed tomatoes, none of the chipotle stuff, 1/2 cup quinoa, 1 small carrot, 1.5 cups frozen corn, 1 bunch of spring onions, 1 small onion, 2 tbsp chilli powder, generous sprinkle of coriander seeds (skip if you don’t like the flavour – though it’s very healthy), pinch of oregano, pinch of curry powder, and I think that was about it. I mostly used up ingredients I already had.

Edit: I eyeballed the time since I was making less – 2 hours on high for everything minus the beans, then 45min on high with the beans. This made two dinners, lunch, and a side for the housemate 🙂 Although it’s not my favourite chili, because it’s easy, cheap, not excessive in quantity, uses mostly pantry items, and provides a vegetarian break, I may come back to this recipe again. Will see if it becomes a staple.

Other meals on the agenda: a rice paella with veggies and ham that needs to be used up, alfredo pasta with broccoli and bacon, a beef bowl, and – I’m so excited to try this – butter chicken. This recipe looks delish! I’m just dropping a few ingrh for everything minus the beans, then 45min on high with the beans. This made two dinners, lunch, and a side for the housemate :)edients, including the greek yogurt and cream, since I never manage to finish up either.


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