Chipotle Lamb – or Eat What’s Kicking Around

I picked up a thing of lamb several weeks ago since it was on sale for half price thinking it would be a nice treat later on. It was. The nice thing about picking things up on sale is that you don’t have to go for the heaviest item in the frozen bin. A smaller amount is still filling.

So when a weeknight rolled around later on and Ben had a packet of chipotle sauce left over from a box of frozen chicken nuggets, I slathered that wonderful little packet of sauce over the lamb chops, added some salt and a pinch of pepper and cooked it in the slow cooker over potatoes. With a side of rice.

The result? “Can you make this again?”

There’s no picture since we ate it so fast. Sometimes the best things come in small packets. Always save those flavouring packets! They aren’t the healthiest but they do wonders for speed and flavour.

Oh, and one word: chipotle! 🙂


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