Orange Glazed Oven-Roasted Pork Chops

photo 3Made orange glazed pork chops and mashed potatoes on Sunday night – and they were neither overcooked or undercooked! Pork is one of those things that just feels finicky – easy to overcook. One of my new cookbooks said to roast them in a roasting pan, but elevated by a wire tray so heat can circulate around the meat evenly and cut out the basting step. I tried this and the chops came out nicely. The book also recommended going with a lower oven temperature, per pound (300F), but I increased this to 335F.  It could probably have gone up even higher, since it took a little longer to cook, but as I wasn’t in a rush, it was an experiment in trial and error. The book recommended 35-40 minutes per pound. The two chops took about an hour.

I marinaded (and rubbed in) the chops for about 20-30 minutes before roasting, using what was on hand:

– salt
– a generous amount of sugar
– cayenne pepper
– a generous amount of oregano
– garlic & herb seasoning
– molasses – this was a nice touch as it gave the edges a crispy sweetness
– 1/2 cup orange liquor (a bottle of near empty orange liquor was found in the apartment when I moved in.. it was a nice touch to these chops, but I think orange juice would’ve worked equally well)

photo 1


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