A List of Quick Meals for Two (or Three or Four)

It’s been a looong time since I blogged. Three reasons: it’s cold and dark so I haven’t felt up to doing much extensive cooking, the end of 2014 proved to be very stressful, and well, frankly, my cooking mojo kinda reduced itself to an ember.

This meant many cans of soup and chips.

I soon started craving real food again, but since I still wanted quick and easy, the best thing to do was to come up with simple weekly dinner plans. Here’s a list of meals (for two + 1 or 2 portions of leftovers) that resulted from this:

  • Burgers & cucumber salad
  • Fruit salad and grilled cheese (whatever fruit was on sale – my combo at the time: grapes, grapefruit, orange, apple)
  • Sausages & green beans with rice (bulgogi sauce – or bbq sauce if you have it)
  • Spaghetti & meatballs/sausages
  • Eggs & bacon – ALWAYS a staple – breakfast protein – with fruit salad as a treat, or baked potatoes/hash for dinner
  • Kraft dinner with bacon (before a hockey game – a light meal filled with carbs), and a smoothie (post-hockey game to quench thirst)
  • Perogies & cucumber salad
  • French onion soup & grilled cheese
  • Small portion of steak – beefed up with carrots, potatoes and onions with rice
  • Prepared ribs – get it on sale! This was a nice treat, with carrots and potatoes, smeared in bulgogi sauce since there wasn’t much extra from the ribs
  • Eggplant, tomato + 1 other veggie red (coconut) curry
  • Japanese curry – I have a homemade recipe, but to save on time, a curry packet tasted great, served many portions, and served as comfort food
  • Roast chicken with couscous**Options: lemon/balsamic chicken; store-bought rotisserie chicken, or… this is what I did on Wednesday since I had no lemons: popped an onion into the cavity of the chicken, stuffed the following under the skin – CHEESE and garlic cloves, spice rub – and rubbed the whole bird down (under and over skin) in taco seasoning, salt and butter, finished with a drizzle of olive oil. I put it in the oven at 335F, pulling it out every 30 minutes to baste it. The result was soft meat that didn’t fall apart- so still firm, but not tough.

    As for the couscous, I used 1 and 3/4 cup couscous (for two with leftovers – a friend joined in on this) using the following: 2 tbsp olive oil to fluff it, hot water (I can’t remember how much water), and covered it for 12 minutes (stove turned OFF). Then I fluffed it with a fork and added the following: 2 mini snack size boxes of raisins, 2 tsp curry powder, 1 tbsp salsa, 1 tbsp honey, 1/2 tbsp butter, and kept it covered over low heat to stay warm until the chicken was ready.

Below are a few pictures of a few of the meals mentioned above… as well as 4 new cookbooks and a drawing book, gifted by my boyfriend, now (newly) amazing and thoughtful fiance. These old books are amazing, simple ingredients/instructions and knowledgeable – perfect reference material.

unnamed (3)

unnamed (1) unnamed (2)unnamed (4)unnamed (5)unnamed (8)unnamed


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