Using Up the Odds and Ends of Chicken Stock – Imitation Tom Kha Gai

39bWhat do you do with the dregs of chicken stock? It seemed a waste to toss out the soggy vegetables, used spices, and bits of chicken too small to use on its own. This stuff was drenched in minerals and flavour, easily absorbed by the body. So instead, I got rid of the bones, pureed it and mixed it in with some coconut milk to make a second batch of soup.

I stumbled across a wonderful soup called Tom Kha Gai recently.Tom Kha Gai is basically a chicken broth + coconut milk soup with a variety of spices including lemongrass, lime juice, and kaffir leaves, and is typically a brothy kind of soup with origins in Thailand and Laos. Having none of the extra flavoring ingredients, I flavoured mine with two slices of ginger and lots of ground pepper (go easy on the pepper if you want less heat). I also peeled and chopped up one large white potato, just to round it out a little more as a meal.

Serves 2
– Dregs of chicken stock – all the spices included (you can just use regular, but this helped me finish up the stuff in the pot and still have ‘veggies’ for supper) – about 2 cups
– 2 cups coconut milk (I used the powdered kind, this is handy to have in the pantry whenever a recipe calls for coconut milk!)
– lots of pepper to taste
– slices of ginger
– 1 potato, peeled and chopped

1. Puree your stock ingredients
2. Add coconut milk and puree that into the stock in two batches
3. Place in a pot, along with ginger and potatoes. Bring to a boil, then simmer, covered for an hour or so (cook rice during this time)
4. Season with lots of pepper!




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