Quick Lunch Series #1

It’s been a good while since I’ve last updated. Maybe since the days are getting shorter all I want to do is curl up under a blanket, drink hot soup, and read books of no particular significance. But I have been in the kitchen, because of course, one needs to eat. So for all those tiring low energy days or quick lunch fixes that need to be prepped in a snap, here’s an assortment of a few meals I’ve thrown together. Some take as little as 2 steps, 10 minutes prep time, others take up to 30 minutes if you’re slow like me.


This was a staple for me in undergrad. Linguine + stir fried onion + garlic + red pepper flakes + black pepper tossed in olive oil. The one above is a step up from undergrad, with chopped up tomatoes and green beans. It actually can be quite filling, but you’ll need the vegetables for fiber. Otherwise you may just end up eating half the pack of pasta like I did in second year…. (pasta + red pepper flakes + black pepper + olive oil).

30aCouscous with roasted vegetables: this one requires a little more time, though not much if you’re making enough for just one or two and have access to a toaster oven. Chop up a small potato, a carrot, a rib of celery, drizzle olive oil and oregano over the veggies and roast at 450F for 30 minutes. Meanwhile, make up 1/2 cup couscous according to instructions, fluff with olive oil; chop up a few wedges of tomato and go do something else for  half and hour.


Heat up a sausage or two and cut on the diagonal. Meanwhile, fry up some chowmein, toss in 2 tbsp bulgogi sauce and 1 tbsp sweet chili sauce. Sprinkle sesame seeds over for crunch. To make this even simpler, switch from chowmein to rice. Cook rice and sausages in a rice cooker at the same time. If you have extra time and want to get a little fancier, fry up an onion and some garlic as well, or cut up a scallion.


Italian sausage pasta: Two quickies here – sausage and a simple pasta. If you can get them on sale, these sausages are great additions to any meal, as one is enough as a filling protein for a light meal. Boil some penne on the side, fry up an onion and some garlic, heat up some tomato sauce and toss in oregano. This is key – drain most of your pasta water, reserving about a 1/4 cup of the liquid, then add your pasta + liquid to the sauce and toss quickly whilst it is still hot. This way the sauce will coat the pasta evenly. Add meat and you have an easy meal.


Montreal smoked meat salad: I was inspired by dosirakbento’s lunches, which are so attractively presented that I dressed up this salad for Ben one day. It consists of romaine leaves, crispy bacon, walnuts, pineapple pieces, two slices of Montreal smoked meat (rolled up), a hunk of bread (for those carb fixes), lemon wedges and caesar dressing in a bottle.

What are some of your go to quickies? Please share them with me as I would be glad to expand my repertoire!


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