Bulgogi Pulled Pork Flatbread Sandwich

25hThese bulgogi pulled pork sandwiches make great lunches – easy to wrap and assembled in 15 minutes. They contain very few ingredients and made use of scraps from previous meals. Although no extra seasoning was added beyond flavouring the pork, they weren’t overly ‘dry’ sandwiches. Here’s how:

(Serves 2 – 1 per person, or 2 for one if you’re really, really hungry)
2 large pieces (to fold in half like a taco) or 4 smaller pieces (to put together like a sandwich) of flatbread or tortillas. Homemade recipe here (the flavours in this flatbread recipe complements the bulgogi sauce nicely 🙂 )
– Half a small carrot, skin removed and peeled with a fruit peeler into thin strips
– Half a small onion, chopped into rings
– A handful of spinach leaves
– 1 1/2 cup cooked pork roast (I used extra pork from a small roast cooked earlier in the week in a slow cooker)
– 2 tbsp bulgogi sauce (this is like a Korean BBQ sauce)
– Very small amount of cooking oil to oil a pan

Optional: Heat up the flatbread before using – I threw mine into a toaster oven for a couple minutes at 350F. 

1. Heat up a small frying pan with the cooking oil. In the meantime, shred the pork using two forks.
2. Fry up the onions lightly – they’ll detach themselves from their rings when they start to go soft. As soon as they start to brown a little, remove them from the pan. You want to soften them slightly and have them start releasing a sweetness, but you don’t want them so soft that they go soggy in your sandwiches.
3. Add the shredded pork to they pan, then add the bulgogi sauce and toss until thoroughly mixed. Remove from heat after a couple of minutes.
4. Layer the sandwiches with all your ingredients! I did spinach, shredded pork, onions, shredded carrot. This way the slightly ‘wetter’ ingredients were in the center, with the spinach and carrot keeping the flatbread dry.
25e5. Wrap with cling film and run out the door!


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