Mini Strawberry Bites

Farmer's Market Strawberry Dessert

Farmer’s Market Strawberry Dessert

I was given a handful of beautiful strawberries, small, delicate, and firm. These were the real thing, fruit of the land, not genetically expanded. They were also fading fast. As a last nod to summer produce, I made up three portions of these strawberry bites in five minutes flat (okay, plus cooling 10 minutes cooling time). But still, they were super fast!

3/4 of the strawberries were squished with a fork and mixed with 1/2 tbsp cream cheese, 1 tsp sugar, 2 tsp orange liquor, then placed in the freezer to cool and ‘thicken’ for 5 minutes. Meanwhile… do the dishes. A small dollop was then scooped onto a cranberry biscuit (3 biscuits – 1 friend, 1 housemate, 1 Ben. I could have easily scooped onto a 4th one, but I ate my portion straight from the bowl). Top with a strawberry, or two halves of a strawberry. Place in the freezer to cool for another five minutes.


Easy peasy. In hindsight, I would not have added the orange liquor (inherited from previous tenants who lived here before me). There wasn’t a noticeable flavour difference, and only added to the liquid consistency (unwanted). Also, instead of mixing the cream cheese with the squished strawberries, it would have been better to put a thin spread over the biscuit. Cream cheese isn’t really made for blending with a fork (or any other equipment by hand I imagine)! Still, this was a light, easy, fast, can be sugar-free, dessert. A sweet way to end the day.


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