Taking the Edge Off Canned Tomato Sauce


IMG_2724-1We had spaghetti with tomato sauce twice this month (so far). In an attempt to (quickly) reduce the very ‘tomato-ey’ flavour from canned tomato sauce, I grated cheddar cheese and melted it directly into the pot.


We had it a small amount of ground beef and onion, and a small salad, (in our ongoing attempt to eat healthier):





The extra beef and onions were saved and frozen for another meal. The cheese sauce was that remained were also frozen. Meanwhile, the extra tomato sauce (from past experience, there is always more than plenty of tomato sauce from the can, so that was saved for this meal –  mixed in with a smoky Romano sauce I picked up at work (left behind, untouched) for another slight variation. The smokiness and the cheese tasted great, although I’m not sure if it would be overwhelming had we had just that, the spaghetti being the main portion of our meal. The cheese was sharp, and the smokiness quite strong. Well, it did begin life as a dipping sauce, so that’s much to be expected. I’m not sure how to recreate the same sauce, perhaps a bottle of smoke? Not something I would try doing, but tasting and experimenting with the random flavours, liquids, and foodstuffs that turn up is always a challenge and always fun, adding variety to a staple dish.


A good post-workout meal. Large salad portion, slices of fruit, carbs, a small but powerful amount of protein and a comforting end-of-the-day mini mound of mashed potatoes. The mashed potatoes were courtesy of Nathan, and a very welcome addition at that.



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