(Almost) Instant Egg Fried Rice


Zucchini and baby bok choy to garnish for a packed lunch. Just because it’s pretty 🙂

Yang Zhou Fried Rice has got to be one of the quickest cooking meals in history. It is said that General Yang Su, a minister to the emperor of the Sui Dynasty in China was fond of egg fried rice, resulting in the beginnings of many egg fried rice dishes. There are so many variations to this, some common ingredients being peas, char siu (bbq pork), and diced carrots. Mine contained none of the above, but it was a filling meal, with enough for lunch the next day for Ben, my roommate, and myself.

I came home late one night and cooked this up in under 20 minutes flat. Whilst I have added a (beaten) egg in the past to a well made in the middle of a pile of rice, this time I reversed the order, heating the egg first. This resulted in a drier rice dish. They’re both good, but it’s possible to add another egg (beaten) into the well of rice (so using both eggs, but sandwiching the steps – egg-rice-beaten egg).

I heated a wok on high heat with sesame oil, then since I wanted to skip the extra step of beating an egg, I cracked an egg directly into the wok, and as it started to set, quickly broke it up with a spatula. Then I dumped in all of last night’s rice into the wok and set to frying it. After the egg had been fully dispersed among the rice, I added leftover chicken from last night (one drumstick shredded, skin removed), and the rest of a bag of baby bok choy)* (boiled first with a touch of sesame oil).

Like most dishes, this would have been more fragrant with a small onion (or half an onion) diced in. The leftover drumstick and its sauce added a small amount of flavour to it. I added a dash of ground ginger, but to be honest that didn’t really seem to add much flavour. I also drizzled some soy sauce, since it was on the dry side.

*After the baby bok choy was boiled, I sliced them up lengthwise, and stumbled upon the happy surprise in seeing a flower shape from its base. Hence the garnish shown in the picture above.


One thought on “(Almost) Instant Egg Fried Rice

  1. I was wondering about the green flowers! Initially I thought, wow that must be fancy knife skills on a cucumber or something like that…until I read the end of your post.

    I can actually remember seeing it like that on baby paksoi and such. 🙂


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