Two Simple Brunches


Brunches are a wonderful way to greet the day. If I have the time, I never mind putting in a little extra time. Technically it’s like breakfast, but late, and anything more than pouring milk into the cereal bowl… well, that counts as brunch!

So here’s (above) one I made up for Ben and myself the other other day. I fried up some left over bacon previously broken into pieces and frozen, added three eggs, cheese, and extra veggies. The bacon was as good as the day they were made, without the mess, a snap, and had no excess grease. To fill it out a little, we shared a grapefruit.

Here’s another brunch – spicy ramen from my roommate, reheated, one egg, and day old peach egg bread. Though the bread wasn’t as soft as the night before, it became soft, fragrant and sweet all over again after buttering and reheating it in the toaster oven (350F for a couple of minutes instead of the toasting option – it remained soft instead of going crisp).

6 6a

All in all, breakfast foods are a good idea.


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